Larger Life Foundation Moravian Church Northern Province

A trained pool of clergy is key to the movement of the church during these uncertain times. It is clear that we would not have as many clergy as we currently have had it not been for the LLF.

- Past President of the Moravian Church, Northern Province

LLF’s purpose is to be of service to others and the Lord by providing financial assistance to various ministries of the Moravian Church, Northern Province (MCNP).

A wide range of ministries are helped, such as:
  • Funding camping programs that serve thousands of children and their families through recreational programs, spiritual retreats, and fellowship
  • Supporting ministerial training and supporting academic programs at Moravian Theological Seminary for men and women to serve in pastoral and counseling ministries
  • Helping with the transitional housing program for homeless older adults in New York City at Moravian Open Door
  • Providing aid to financially needy residents who live in our Moravian retirement communities
  • Funding for educational programs at Moravian College, Moravian Academy, and Linden Hall
  • Supporting the Moravian Church’s commitment to world missions
  • Providing additional support to the Province’s health and pension funds for pastors and their spouses who dedicated their lives to our Lord’s service
  • Helping churches move forward with assistance for critical needs, expenses, and capital projects
The financial assistance provided by the LLF to the MCNP comes in the form of:
  • Funds distributed to identified core ministries of the LLF
  • Discretionary grants
  • Loans to churches
Discretionary grants are awarded to organizations, agencies, or congregations in the Northern Province for capital projects, start-up programs, or to meet an unexpected expense. Low interest loans are provided to Moravian churches in the Northern Province for capital projects.

Since 2002, almost $7,000,000 has been contributed to core ministries and discretionary grant recipients. In addition, ten churches in the Northern Province presently utilize Larger Life Foundation loans for capital projects they are undertaking.

The Endowment’s investments, now totaling over $12,000,000, provide the funds from which distributions are made. Currently, annual distributions are based on a percentage, as determined by the Trustees, of the value of the Larger Life Endowment (Total Return Method).
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