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Although it may seem that support from the Larger Life Foundation funds only a small portion of our charitable care, it is significant to the life of an individual who has outlived his or her life savings. The value resulting from the generous support of the foundation and other donors cannot be underestimated and is a vital factor in providing care to those in need.

- Director of Development, Moravian Manor, Lititz, PA

The Discretionary Grant program of the Larger Life Foundation was created in 2010 with the purpose of being more flexible in addressing current needs of organizations, agencies, and congregations of the Moravian Church, Northern Province. Funding may be requested for a capital project, a start-up program or position, or to meet an unexpected, non-recurring expense.

Grant funds are offered twice a year with distribution decisions made in May and November. The amount available for grants is modest. Applications must be received by March 1 and September 1. Guidelines must be followed and all supporting documents attached. Since the program's inception in 2011,over $692,000 has been distributed to 128 grant recipients, most with partial funding of the requested amount.

Discretionary Grant Application and Guidelines
Download the form as a Word doc or a PDF.
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