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In the spirit of Christ's love, Auburn Homes and Services provide care, service, and ministry, primarily for the elderly, through a partnership of staff, residents, families, volunteers, churches, and the community. Funds from the Larger Life Foundation helped increase awareness in our communities, develop and solidify relationships with supporters, helped underwrite newsletter printing costs, and allowed us to place a signage on the bell tower to let the community know we are here.

- Foundation Director, Moravian Care Ministries, Auburn Homes and Services, Chaska, MN
  • Support causes in the Moravian Church, Northern Province (MCNP), distributing funds to such agencies and in such proportions as determined by the Larger Life Foundation (LLF). These agencies and causes, as indicated by the incorporators, may include but not be limited to Church Extension, Evangelism, World Missions, Stewardship, Ministerial Pensions, Publications, Ministerial Training, Educational Institutions of the Province, Christian Education, Homes for the Aged.
  • Provide loans to congregations of the MCNP for capital projects.
  • Grow the assets of the LLF so it may be a stronger sustaining fund, enhancing the work of MCNP.
  • Be responsible stewards of the assets of the LLF to ensure the fund is managed professionally.
  • Communicate the purpose and good works of the LLF to all Moravians in the Northern Province.
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